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A phrasing technique originating in Palo Alto, California, which states an obscene preference to something the speaker wishes to avoid.
Chris: Hey, want to go to the unaccompanied sax concert? I hear the performer is pretty casj.

Julian: I would rather eat a sack of writhing gerbils than do that.
by Hombre3000 March 02, 2010
Someone whose Facebook (or other site) status is updated more times than he or she blinks every day. This person's status is always on your news feed.
Dang, did you see Priscilla's status today?

Which one, dude? That bitch is a straight up statustician!
by Hombre3000 February 06, 2009
The act of being very hoot, or hooting fools left and right.
Ms. Lewis, you owlin' with this homework!

Them rogues was owlin' after the dance battle.
by Hombre3000 September 03, 2009

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