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An ugly girl or a girl with physical and/or mental problems

Something Wrong With Someone
From a 2007 song from rapper Popmaster Pops

I picked this skirby little chick
from the clinic
we rollin in my whip
on 14 inches
and after dinner
we are washing the dishes
cause I didn't have the money
and she didn't have the tip
they repo'd my brand new car
87 chevy with two hovcaps
now we walkin
cause we can't ride the bus
stop to take a break
I aint in no rush
I hold my hand out
just to call for a cab
she would have done it for me
but she has no hands
I'm at a bush
cause I had to take a piss
and little skirby chick had to take a shit
so I leave cause she had no paper
had no hands
so you know what comes next
I make it home
so I'm bound to take a rest
and I'll never pick a chick
by Holybid August 04, 2008

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