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7 definitions by HolyToiletWater

The largest land mammal in Hollywood, it was once believed to be female and doctors took it's word.
Child: Zookeeper zookeeper, those two elephants are killing each other.
Zookeeper: It's Rosie O'Donnell eating.
Child: Oh.
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
11 3
The moldy residue that builds up on your penis after having unprotected sex with several prostitutes. If not properly cleaned right away it has been scientifically proven to develop new strands of bacteria that modern medicine is unable to cure or properly treat.
Person A: Hey bro, what did you put on my toast?
Person B: I rubbed my dick on it, it's hooker taint.
Person A: Wow, I can't believe it's not butter!
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
2 1
The digital image of a small penis.
Brett Favre: Yo, u wanna see something cool?
Jenn: Okay.
Brett Favre: Do u think I'm sexy?
Brett Favre: r u there?
Jenn: ROFL it's so tiny it's a pixel dick!
Brett Favre: :(

Brett Favre now appears offline.
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
1 1
It's a fat chick who smells like fish and Taco Bell. You have to grease the doors to prevent her from injury if an ice cream truck drives by.
"That bitch Kendall may be fat and ugly, but she does suck a mean dick."
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
9 12
The term for a woman who has breasts that are bigger than her head.
Person A: I just had sex with that Boogz!
Person B: Me too, did you bring her home?
Person A: Yes, it was at my place.
Person B: Flush your toilet bro, she left me an upper decker.
Person A: ? brb
Person A: OH GOD NO!
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
0 7
What male virgins define as the orgasm they achieve after masturbating to pictures of dog porn on the internet.
"I had the best yiff ever last night, but now my laptop is stuck shut."
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
32 83
The best gardening equipment in America.
"I feel too embarrassed to be fixing up my yard, I'll just pay a Mexican to do it."
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
12 78