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Roof fell off their shit ground
Birmingham City AkA Small Heath Alliance
Empty trophie cabinet.
One had an away top in the clour of the germany flag.
steve bruce gets battered by his wife
paid 6mil for Emile Heskey, AH HA HA HA
MAN 1 : What does the bluenose do after
blues win the premiership

MAN 2 : Dunno?

MAN 1 : Turns the playstation Off
by Holte_End_Army November 03, 2004
shit team from yam yam land
2 Villa vs Baggies 1

by Holte_End_Army November 03, 2004
Wolves and west brom are shit. It's all about the Villa
0 Wolves vs Villa 4

Angel x2
by Holte_End_Army November 03, 2004

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