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The drink you drink the day after getting waisted that makes you remember all the shit you forgot about the night before. This most likely occurs because you are in a similar mindset.
*slurp* "OH SNAP! Did I really hit on Jeff's girlfriend last night? Damn son my bad. I better call him. Thank god for this Deja Brew.
by Holobiwan March 15, 2010
A subtle exclamation one says when they are ready to, want to, or already have done something of mediocre importance.
Ex. 1:

"Yo are you ready to get that six pack? The bar closes in like 10 minutes."

"Lets do this, boom boom."

Ex. 2:

"You see that Sarah chick yesterday?"

"Hells yeah she was a hot mess bro, I'd be on that in a split second. Boom boom."
by Holobiwan March 15, 2010
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