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1 definition by Holmequist

A fictitious name you give at the juice bar or to phone sales and survey people.

The juice bar girl has to yell out the name and usually laughs her head off when she tries to say it.

The phone guys have to say the name over over again, like.

"May I call you Holmequist?"

"This is a lucky day indeed Holmequist. Holmequist what are you saying if I offer you free line rental and calls to Uganda at 3cents per minute?" "Fantastic isn't it, Holmequist"

"So does a free 3 nite stay at The Bates Motel sound like something you'd be interested in Holmequist?"

"Holmquist are you there? Holmequist? Holme....?

by Holmequist September 21, 2006