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3 definitions by Hollywood Hogan's Daughter loves Leroy

A series of bodily postures that icy white women take up in the presence of black men in order to effect a negative sex signal. Similar to the combinations of moves in a arcade fighting game, some white women are no longer just button smashers when it comes to soul pole dodging. They have developed a full faq for fending off the bucks.
Grab my purse, hair in a bun, grab my stomach, no more dancing niggers in my dreams when I sleep! Hoo-ray for Barbara Bush and Pink Taco Tekken. It helps me procrastinate!

Middle Eastern young women living in the United States who are eager to assimilate into urban culture. Comes from the saying that Asian women who move to america are eager to have "half asian" offspring, if you know what I mean (wink wink).
Abir was born in mind to be half asian, fo shizzle my fellow black accountant. (the new half asian girls)
What neocon white men insinuate to white women to make a positive romantic impression on them. Many white women equate fat with a vivid form of living hell, so the reminder to them that the image that we hold of a supreme being should be that of an athletic go getter keeps them thin.
Not that fat bitches are ok though...
Tom Cruise thinks that God Ain't Fat and hopes that people listen.