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a genre that pretty much rips off metal. the screaming in it is extremely whiney. the genre is almost as bad a country music.
'i just bought the new Alesana cd today'
'really? well, that's nice, because they're shit as hell. fucking scremo'
'nah, they're cool'
'listen to real music.'
by HollyKilledThePromQueen September 04, 2009
a band that started off okay, went to good, but now are shit. seriously, i bought their 'I'm Not A Fan But The Kids Like It' album, && i'm kicking myself that i wasted $17.
me && a mate today:
Her: 'you've heard Brokencyde's new stuff, right?'
Me: 'god, they've only got one thing going for them right now'
Her: 'what?
Me: 'their hot singers. aha.'
by HollyKilledThePromQueen September 04, 2009

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