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A nickname for a individual, your spouse, or a very good friend.
I love you lovemuffin.
I've missed you lovemuffin.
Your my lovemuffin.
by HollyJean May 17, 2005
Another sub for the word "rad" or "super". A made up word, using the words: super, rad, & the last syllables of the word "spec(tacular)".
Your superradtacular.
by HollyJean May 17, 2005
A humorous word like testicle but for a female body part such as her breast (titacle).
My titacle hurts.
Don't touch my titacle.
by HollyJean May 17, 2005
A cool word like "darnit" or "damnit" but both words mixed together in some way, shape, or form.
Darnamit, I can't believe I did that!
by HollyJean May 17, 2005

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