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A compilation of songs (traditionally on a cassette tape, though CDs are acceptable) that one makes for oneself or another, normally a boy or girl they like. Fine examples of mixed tapes have liner notes and a snappy title. Some fools say: mix tape or mixtape but this is clearly wrong as you have mixed a tape for your or another's enjoyment.
"Here Nate, I made you this mixed tape over Christmas break."
"Oh you mean you made me a mix tape?"
"Never mind, I don't like you anymore."
by Holly Young May 08, 2008
a male meathead usually also a chotch, who harasses males who aren't as masculine as him, usually calling them "faggot". He wears, by definition, a white hat, usually with a highly comedic slogan such as: Beavers, Cocks or T and A University.
Did you see that white hat getting his ass kicked by that tattooed guy? What a chotch!
by Holly Young October 03, 2007

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