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What they were going to call the primary character of the Halo video game series before finally going with the astoundingly original "Master Chief". /lie Used by detractors of the series to poke fun at the character.
All hail Captain King! Huzzah!
by Holly Teacakes September 25, 2007
A Japanese electronic pop duo noted almost exclusively for providing high-energy, sugary techno themes for some anime shows, their most popular releases being "Wake Up Angel" from Pita Ten and "S-U-K-I" from Popotan.
I just consumed 943 Pixie Stix--I'm gonna go listen to Funta!
by Holly Teacakes August 17, 2006
An adjective of enthusiastic approval or glee, usually used as an exclamation. Its Western usage is believed to have been derived from the popular anime Ranma ½, in which diminutive, lecherous, old Happosai faithfully spouts his catchphrase "OH, SWEET-O!!!" at the sight of women's undergarments. The "O" at the end is a consequence of the lack of syllables in the Japanese language that end in consonant sounds, save for the syllable "n".
You can get me a discount for HOW MUCH? Oh, Sweet-o!
by Holly Teacakes October 08, 2006
(n.) a name given the status of a proper noun by rocker Marilyn Manson in reference to the anus (cornhole) of a girl simply disclosed as "Kelly". According to Manson, Kelly was a large girl with whom he and a friend became involved in sexual games one night. When Kelly exposed her anus, the two men were silently horrified to get a glimpse of a small, slimy, whitish particle somewhat resembling a corn kernel residing within. After the publication of this anecdote in his autobiography l.h.r.o.o.h, the act of referencing Kelly's Cornhole has since become an inside joke among Marilyn Manson fans, though a practical application for the term has yet to be devised other than simply describing people with corn in their ass.
I love poundin' me some cornhole... unless it's Kelly's Cornhole, that is. Blech! *convulses*
by Holly Teacakes January 26, 2007
Abbreviation of "totally oishii", "oishii" being the Japanese word for "delicious". Used primarily in describing food, though it has occasionally been heard being applied to any favorable situation or otherwise cool thing. (Alternatively, the 'T' can be said to stand for "totemo", Japanese for "very".)
This chili is T.O., man. What do you put in it?
by Holly Teacakes July 26, 2006
Derived from the common definition (see above) and used as a nickname in some circles to refer to McDonalds' Chicken McNuggets (occasionally as "McNards"), likely as a suggestive jab at the ambiguous, un-chickenlike consistency they had prior to the chain's conversion to all-white meat nuggets as well as their ominously reliable, vaguely unnatural shapes.
MickeyD's has about a dozen kinds of burgers, and what do you always get? The Nards... Give me one.
by Holly Teacakes September 08, 2006
the name given to a musical performace that featured the band Gorillaz onstage with Madonna at the 2005 Grammy Awards. The name is a combination of the song titles "Feel Good Inc." (Gorillaz) and "Hung Up" (Madonna). An alternative name would have been "Hung Good Inc.", though this name likely would have held somewhat less appeal for some people.
A: Hey, you wanna watch the Feel Up video?
B: ...Whaaat?
by Holly Teacakes January 21, 2007

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