2 definitions by Holly Heaton

Having sex in a box. Most commenly when a man or woman is homless and living in a box and a someone sees them and they end up making love in his/her box.
"That homless guy is really sexy, I'm going to go have boxsex with him"

"That guy totally just had boxsex with that girl"
by Holly Heaton February 18, 2010
A very evil wood figure of a bunny riding a chicken. It chooses one person to do most it's evil to. Usually one that's in love so it can do all it can to ruin everything and even hurts them, their love, and sometimes other people if they try to help the person. It also does small things to other people to irratate or annoy them. It is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! If one is seen do not stay around and if one is purchased DO NOT keep it!
Thanks to the chunny my true love has cancer and nobody likes him.

The chunny almost killed your mom because she tried to help me!
by Holly Heaton February 18, 2010

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