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A pixie hair cut. Very short, boyish, and scraggly cute hair cut typically worn by girls.
Jules you new pixie is so cute! You look just like Twiggy.
by Holly Booday July 03, 2005
A physical, sometimes visable, ball of energy or chi from within a person. Can only be brought out with practice (like the practice of psionics) or extreme and unusual circumstances.
Last night, I don't know what happened but my hands just moved and I held an energy ball. Totally weird.
by Holly Booday July 03, 2005
A bottle of maximum strength cough syrup (typicially cherry) used to get high off the dextromethorphan(dxm).
Yeah, I just got two 8 oz. red potatos and one 4 oz. We're gonna have one heck of a trip!
by Holly Booday July 03, 2005
male (or female) mistress.
My lover sneaked into my bedroom last night and we made hot hot love.
by Holly Booday July 03, 2005
noun. 1. Acronym for a Conor Oberst Look Alike.
2. Typically dark hair covering face, pale, and skinny.

Conor Oberst is an indie rock musician of the band Bright Eyes often made fun of for the number of young girls who seem to like him just for his good looks.
Julie: You're hawt. You are such a cola!
Tim: Do I look that malnourished?
by Holly Booday July 03, 2005
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