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as opposed to having "a little work done" women who go ape-shit with the cosmetic work have gotten the "full Frankenstein" (ie, full monty @ cosmetic surgery)
OMG, did you see those new pictures of Heidi Montag? Bitch went full Frankenstein!
by Holly M S June 20, 2010
the belief in legitimate scientifically-proven pharmaceuticals as an answer to illness and disease instead of hoo-doo voo-doo homeopathic nonsense.
You keep drinking water and downing Gingko if you want, but *my* ass is going to an actual doctor for some pharmeopathic treatment.
by Holly M S June 13, 2010
(noun) online corrections that modify the appearance of a physical feature in a photograph. IE, Photoshop.
"Before you put that pic on FaceBook, you better cyber surgery my turkey neck."
by Holly M S May 21, 2010
(adjective) breasts that are highly attractive to the opposite sex.
"Girl, my man told me I'm totally titlicious."
by Holly M S May 19, 2010
A person sexually enthralled by a sexual body part swinging freely from a fixed point, as in huge pendulous breasts or long swaying balls. (pendulum+lust)
"Oh, girl, your big tatas got him pendulusting."
by Holly M S May 19, 2010
(noun) a day that starts out crappy but then spirals out of control, becoming crappier and crappier and crappier, as if the total decline of your life would never end.
A parking ticket, blown math quiz, and now my kid has scabies. I'm on a shit-day slalom.
by Holly M S January 11, 2011
verb trans. to improve the aesthetic appearance of the pubic region by grooming, trimming, shaping, or altogether waxing bald, said area. (landscaping for laps)
Damn, Mary, that's the biggest bush I've ever seen. For the love of God, get the hell over to Aveda and get some lapscaping before we go on vacay.
by Holly M S June 29, 2010

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