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The word "noob" may have a darker orgin than originaly thought. The orgins of the word "noob" trace back to the dawning of censorship on the internet. As groups in message boards and online games found out that they could no longer use the blantent racial slangs they used to fling wantonly, they had to invent new words to bypass censors. "Noob" or "n00b" became the shortend form of neubian, a previously existing slang to describe black people. This leads to "noob" being a subsitute for the n-word, and it being banned in an increasing number of online forums and games.

As stated in previous entries, "noob" differs from "newb" and "newbie", as the later two are not racial slurs.
- Noob please.
by HollowPsycho July 31, 2008

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