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Hollister is an awesome store that sells all kinda clothes. Many people talk shit about Hollister and they say it's expensive. I personaly argee with them, but the clothes at Hollister are worth buying. If you hate Hollister and people who shop and work there, i respect your opinion, because everyone is entitled to there opinion, but i think you should check out the cologne, shirts, jeans, and accesories there. All there stuff they have there are awesome.
Lance: Hey dude, wanna shop at Hollister?

Mike: Nah man, there clothes are expensive and only posers wear there clothes.

Lance: No No No, come on with me. I do respect your opinion, but they have a variety of stuff there like cool cologne, shirts, accesories, jeans, and a lot more. There stuff is expensive, but it's worth it. Plus, it's the first day of summer, and we need some clothes bruh.

Mike: Okay! This is gonna be awesome!

Lance: Yeah, haha.
by Hollister Is Awesome July 05, 2009
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