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The act of slapping the calf muscle on the back of the leg in a very swift, painful manner. Best applied to any idiot wearing shorts on a cold day.
Hey Edward! You should calf slap Henry cuz he's wearing shorts in December!
by Hollerin' Bobby April 18, 2008
The act of taking a shower and then jumping in your buddies bed butt necked without drying off. Can be preformed at family campouts, church camps, sleep overs, band camp, etc.
Did you see what Cole did to David?!?! He wet fished him! His sleeping bag is soaked! That sucks!
by Hollerin' Bobby April 18, 2008
A positive term used for a sweet, but ,quick to throw punches, southern girl. Peach being the sweeter side of the girl and Pop being the more violent side. Peach refers to the term "Georgia Peach" and is related to the term "Southern Bell". Pop refers to the firecracker (Texas Pop Rocket) known for having a short fuse.
Elizabeth sure was being a Peach today, but watch out cuz she might wanna be a Pop too! She's definitely a Peach Pop!
by Hollerin' Bobby April 18, 2008
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