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1. cool
2. sic wit it
3. awesome

Tight is a norther-california word that was most often used by skater punks. It is most effetively used in conjunction with hella. It has faded in nothern-california but it is all over tv now, and no longer exclusive to skaters.
1. That concet was hella tight.
2. That trick was tight as f***.
3. Was the party tight.
4. It was hella tight.
by Holla at Ya Boy April 07, 2006
1. Make them nosey neighbors want to call the cops.
2. Doors open man.
3. Hyperactivity at its highest point.
4. Shake them dreds.
Them niggas at the sideshow ways getting hyphy.
by Holla at Ya Boy April 08, 2006

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