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How people who are too lazy to add a single apostrophe to a word, spell the phrase, "What's up?" (What-is-up?).
Man: Hey man! Whats up! I'm so lazy that I decided to leave the apostrophe out of "what's", that way I can conserve more energy. You know, because I oppose global warming and all that.
by Hold My Umbrella June 14, 2011
To take all the flowers away from an area.
Daughter: Dad my boyfriend just deflowered--
Dad: --You son of a bitch! You just deflowered--
Boyfriend: --Her garden.
Dad: Oh, well that's okay then.
Daughter: But Dad...
Dad & Boyfriend: Haha! Get over it bitch!
by Hold My Umbrella April 20, 2011
The abbreviation of "hold my umbrella", commonly mistaken as "hit me up".
Girl: "It's raining."

Guy: "Bitch! HMU!"
by Hold My Umbrella April 14, 2011
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