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2 definitions by Hojoh

Fellatio. Oral sex on the male member
Rita lacked work place skills but wanted to keep her job so she regularly put a lip lock on the love muscle for various managements' members
by Hojoh October 30, 2006
11 2
A product or service (usually software based)that looks profoundly revolutionary, extraordinary or ground breaking, but only exists in the form of Power Point pictures. Pejorative term for the fake garbage used to solicit and obtain billions of VC money during The Bubble. Led to numerous heartbreaking all nighters by the poor fools that actually had to try to implement the half baked flakey promoters' con artist Vision.
The electric dog polisher could have changed the world according the the slideware, but none of the code or design ever really existed. The promoter walked off with millions in golden parachute money
by Hojoh October 30, 2006
5 0