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Someone who can't keep his hands off other mens women
Fred: So how are you, you know after the whole Mary situation
Carl: Well since i found her in bed with that SNATCH BANDIT doing things that can only be deemed criminal, i want to kill myself using an unholy amount of mercury
Fred: Stick in there man.......
#cheat #women #divorce #sex #man #bush #virgina
by Hograt September 06, 2009
Someone who is clearly a retard and also is a homosexual.
Fred: I'm thinking of throwing a party this weekend
Carl: Nice...but dont invite andy he's a right reartard
Fred: A what?....
Fred: Dont you mean retard?
Carl: well you know andy he's dating edward and he's failed every exam he's ever taken

Fred: Yeah.....oh i get it REARTARD, thats quite clever
Carl: indeed
#gay #retard #spaz #idiot #spack
by Hograt September 05, 2009
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