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2xtreme The only real risk taker in the wwe, Matt Hardy is a dick, has never been in a decent match for a ppv since jeff left, @ wrestlemania 21 there's going to be a triple threat tornado tag team match that the hardy's would have dominated, its not the wwe without the entertainment, and jeff took the entertainment with him when he left,BRING BACK JEFF
2xtreme Jeff took the wwe to the extreme, all ways putting his body on the line, where as matt would never try anything risky, jeff was so extreme he made sure the fans got what they paid for.
by Hoggie April 01, 2005
one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, first started off under the alias of MEAN MARK, became a unstopable force with the wwe, one of the first to be in some of the best matches, including the Hell in a cell, boiler room brawl, and the legendary casket and buried alive matches, formrly manged by his tv father "paul bearer", he has been wwe champion, tag team champion, with his brother Kane in the tag team of DEADMAN INC. and hardkore champion, however today he is being useda as a foot hold for upcoming superstars to make there name in show business, recent opponents have been Brock Lesner, heidenrich and now its going to be Randy Orton, these matches have been some of his worst, they are wasteing his talent.
The Ring is his yard
by Hoggie April 01, 2005
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