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3 definitions by Hogan Pesda n Bath

Awesome, chic, happenin' nightclub situated in Bangor, North Wales: pump it up all the way at the Octagon & Bliss: it's where it's at...
Hey met iawn, allan heno?
Yndw masiwr, ti?
Yndw tad - lle arall swni ar nos Sadwn?
Nunlla blaw Occi de!
Ia siwr y pleb gwirion, welai di yna.
by Hogan Pesda n Bath February 27, 2005
10 19
Spanish, meaning sexy
La chica al lado, crees que ella es guapa?
(That girl by there, d'ya think she's fit?)
Si, muy sexual, claro.
(Yeah, very sexy, s'true)
by Hogan Pesda n Bath February 27, 2005
21 38
THE place 2 end any night out worth shoutin' about: a concentrated boogie beat box full of those possessing rhythmn (yet always a few without); a venue where shakin' ya booty is a must chicas - long live bootyliciousness, the key to el baile sexual... maravillosa!!! p.s. the Octagon, officially (!) the best nightclub in Britain - check it out...
- Hey iawn met, ti allan heno?
- Yndw, ti?
- Yndw siwr, nos Sadwn 'di! Lle fyddi
di'n diweddu fyny?
- Yn ryw nightclub masiwr...
- Wel yn yr Octagon fyddi di lly,
welai di 'na ta met!

(if you don't already know - s'Welsh! dysgwch Yr Iaith)
by Hogan Pesda n Bath February 27, 2005
20 129