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Eating jizz out of someone's ass cheeks.
I had a some sour cream potato cakes for breakfast this morning!
by Hoe Inn June 21, 2009
Eating a chocolate bar out of someone's asshole while wearing a top hat.
My girlfriend shoved a twix up her ass after prom and being hungary I ate it out of her ass. whild watching a willy wonka and the chocolate factory and masturbating over dwarfs
by hoe inn May 28, 2009
Violently beating your penis against an overweight midget. (until the point of bleeding)
"Willie Wonka continually gave his ompa lompa's a donraven when he was sexually frustrated"
by Hoe Inn May 28, 2009
The liquid that comes from the sucking the syphillis out of a man's diseased penis.
"Something didn't look right last night. I think i'm infected with cobra venom"
by Hoe Inn May 28, 2009
having sexual relations with the empty eye socket of a human skull.
"After Susie got drunk she took out her glass eye and Jassim gave her an Iraqi ipod last night!"
by Hoe Inn May 28, 2009
Vomiting in an asshole and then eating it out with a spoon.
"Two girls one cup was nothing compared to the potato soup I saw last night!"
by Hoe Inn May 28, 2009
Eating a woman out after she has had an abortion and getting all the left over chunks in your mouth.
"After billy's wife came back from the clinic he had some Mama's chunky soup"
by Hoe Inn May 28, 2009

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