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The flashing lights located on the front and on the rear of your vehicle that when you are double parked they say "I'll Be Back". Also known as "Emergency Lights" or "Emergeny Flashers".
These coppers can't give me a ticket... I had my "Be Backs" on...

by Hoe Boy May 15, 2008
The hoe who broke my heart. I thought she loved me. But she just wanted to fuck!. I'm OK with that. But she wanted to fuck E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y !!!!. But, on the other hand, she is mans' best friend. Now that I don't love her anymore... I just want to fuck her! So in this case, "A Slut Is A Mans Best Friend!... just don't fall in love with the bitch...
The fucking bitch, she is just a slut! She is fucking all my homey's... But that's ok... she's fuckin me too... I just didn't know she was fucking my homey's... putting it in perspective... she is just a hoe that wants to fuck... she loves everybody!!! and as we all know... Love Makes The World Go Round...
by Hoe Boy May 15, 2008
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