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A place where you can buy used underpants.
Ebay is an excellent online forum for the trading of second-hand undergarments.
by hocuspocus April 01, 2007
To do a "Breslin" one must first tan wine and chib cunts.
Get absolutely hammered, then fight with everyone whilst shouting

"Kieran Breslin in yer scheme! Pump yer burd and make her scream!"
To be Breslin'd means to be that drunk, everything offends you.
Especially the Proclaimers.
"Oh god, I was Breslin'd last night"
"YEah I know man, you punched a Russian guy in the face for talking to you."

"Mate, I wanna get Breslin'd tonight!"

Off in the distance: "Feelto! Tonic wine! Chib cunts!"
"That guy must be Breslin'd out his face."
by HocusPocus October 08, 2012

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