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A short man on the Tampa Bay Lightning who is amazing at hockey, but awkwardly looks like Frodo, and is around the same height. Aside from that funny fact, he is one of the best players in hockey right now.
LOTR Nerd: Hey everyone look its FRODO!

Martin St.Louis: I hate my summer job.
by HockeyTy June 30, 2008
A short little Bitch who plays for the Flyers. He also has the second gayest playoff beard. The only gayer one is Crosbys bitch stach.
Caps Fan: Flyers Suck

Flyers Fan: Caps Suck

Caps Fan: Daniel Briere Sucks Mike Richards dick after every game

Flyers Fan: Oh shit... you got me there
by HockeyTy June 30, 2008

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