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A fake girl is an annoying female who is anywhere between the ages of 12-30, and may do one or more of these things...

1) Dye their hair something other than their natural color. (Most of the time, popular colors include a bright, peroxide, artificial looking blonde or a dull brunette.) Their hair is typically thin, ratty looking and very damaged.

2) Wear pounds of makeup. Have faces caked in foundation, eyes dripped with eyeliner and mascara, and lips slathered in lip gloss.

3) Be extremely skinny and shapeless. 99% of the time, they never have curves or butts.

4) Wear tight, skanky clothes that show off what non-womanly figures they have. Usually from Hollister, Abercrombie, etc. (Nothing wrong with those stores, as long as you shop from other places too. Don't make them your whole wardrobe.)

5) Carry around tons of different purses, and have 1 for every outfit.

6) Wear tons of jewelry all the time, have trashy piercings in places besides ears, and huge sunglasses.

7) Wear ugly sandals (gladiators anyone), and generally have a bad sense of style. (t shirts belted as dresses? ew.)

8) Be annoying, obnoxious little sluts who never know when to butt out of things.

9) Have long, fake nails that they tap against everything in an effort to get more attention.

In general, they are bitchy little tasteless whores, so stay away from them!
A very famous fake girl is Paris Hilton. Everything about her screams PLASTIC!
by HockeyFan92 September 18, 2010

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