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An acting game where players in shirts plastered in so many ads they look like stock cars cry and act hurt to win the pity of the judge, who will then eject the "offending" player from the game.
You are a great soccer player. Even though the other player obviously didn't touch you, the way you whined and cried actually made me think he may have given you a small bruise!
by Hockey > Soccer May 18, 2010
An interjection used to express happiness or joy about something announced through Twitter. It is a portmanteau of the words "Tweet" and "Woot/W00t".
Valve's Twitter: Half Life 2: Episode 3 will be released tomorrow.

Half Life 2 Fans: Twoot!
by Hockey > Soccer August 07, 2010
Shameless Pandering Month comes after January.
by Hockey > Soccer September 02, 2010

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