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When a small penised man is about to get lucky with a chick in the dark, he pulls out the 11 inch dildo and acts like its his penis inserting it into the vagina. complements of Rusty Royal.
"Dude my 3 incher wasn't enough so i pulled the Royal Switcheroo on that ho."
#drunken sex #getter drunk #11inches of fake #rustys the man #tims moms favorite #she'll never know
by Hobulator69 January 10, 2006
The act of receiving head from a woman while simataneously spitting snuff on her back.
I had a fat dip of skoal in and gave Karen a Cambodian camel job.
#ccb #camel job #snuff bob #messy back #whacky tobacky on the backy
by Hobulator69 January 05, 2006
a fat pinch of snuff that looks like a hockey puck in your mouth, a delicasy in the U.P. of Michigan
"I gave that bitch a cambodian camel job with the best hob of skoal frost lastnight."
#dip #snuff #spinach #hobulation #chew
by Hobulator69 January 07, 2006
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