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3 definitions by Hobo joe

1. Meaning really experienced in video games; knowing all there is to know about video games 2. Just being really cool; famous; popular; liked.
3. The best of the best of all there is to be the best of at video games; uber

It comes from various slangs and typo's on online video games.
Dude your so totally Condamor! RAD!
by Hobo Joe January 26, 2005
a show that makes your heart heavy and your prostate weak
when i watch road rules my bowels well up and i rech all over my cat
by Hobo joe August 02, 2003
a place to find people to reproduce with and get drunk
I went to the bar, got wasted and hooked up with a midget named Candy whos voice sounds like a biker with throat cancer.
by Hobo Joe July 31, 2003