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3 definitions by Hobo Dave

scottish definition of scrotum. can be used as an insult refering to someone's stupidity
That was fuckin stupid ya bawbag

Morrell got kicked in the bawbag
by Hobo Dave November 30, 2006
A female's fanny lips after a heavy menstrual cycle

Can be used as an insult for someone is a complete fanny
Holy fuck, her crusty cunt flaps where fuckin hummin

Ya fuckin crusty cunt flap
by Hobo Dave December 07, 2006
Wizards sleeve is the definition of an oversized vagina, or in other words...a really big deep fanny.
Jim was at the party and shagged a burd with a hole like a wizards sleeve.

Ma ex burd had a wizards fuckin sleeve man, thats why a dumped her.
by Hobo Dave January 09, 2007