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The fleshy mound of a woman's vagina, above the lips of the labia. Latin for "pubic mound" and sometimes just called the "mons". The mon pubis protrudes from the body, some more than others, (particularly in women who have more girth), and is covered in pubic hair.
Moaning softly, Nina slowly removed her panties, running her palm over the mound of her mons pubis before slipping her moistened fingers between the lips of her labia and stroking her hardened clitoris.
by Hobbit Meat April 04, 2007
The first page of a web site that introduces the user to the content of the page and contains a single link. The index.

Also refers to the loading page of a program or OS.
The link opened up to the splash screen of a pornographic web site. The page was covered in pictures of naked women to grab the viewers' attention, and contained a single enter link.

As the program was loading, the company's logo appeared above the loading bar.
by Hobbit Meat April 05, 2007
A type of garment worn by either men or women who are particularly prudent or arrogant.
Sally's mom is so uptight, she's always wearing a turtleneck sweater.
by Hobbit Meat March 31, 2007

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