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3 definitions by Hobbit Mafia

An insturment played by William the carl killer
Hey look! william the carl killer is playing the flute and the piano
by Hobbit Mafia December 17, 2005
25 19
A fiend with large tree-like hair, but overall, still very short. also known as a shrubbary from the lack of height. Can be seen with a pineapple and other short equally fiendish people. Known for the tree dance and key phrase: wha? as well as bumping into pineapples.
Ahh! its a tree!
by Hobbit Mafia December 17, 2005
16 22
A relatively short person, generally they are just taller than hobbits. They tend to group together to attack unsuspecting hobbits who have done nothing to bother them. Sometimes fiends breakup into smaller groups and are more terrifying since they seem to be everywhere at once. They can be identified by wearing brightly coloured shirts that clash with their outfits. Some have a limited vocabulary. Some are shy and refrain to just staring. Some have a very pineapple-y / tree-ish apperance.
Ahh! Fiends! Woosh!
by Hobbit Mafia December 19, 2005
19 29