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3 definitions by Hobbit JT

See poorinate, pastense.
I poorinated earlier on in the day in that new restaurant.
by Hobbit JT November 18, 2007
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When one has a dump shit and also urinates at the same time. Also known as Poorination and the pastense is Poorinated
Dave Smith poorinated all over the floor and it was messy.
by Hobbit JT November 18, 2007
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To wank masterbate over dangerous situations. Getting erect over being in trouble or in a car crash. When in pain, example having a knife stuck into you and having a wank over that.

Also known as 'DW'ing or having a 'DW'
Paul was in Woolworths in the Pic and Mix department and had a Danger Wank over the fact he was being watched by a mother and her child.

Steve stole an item of clothing from a shop to get the security guard to run after him. While was running, about to get caught, he had a danger wank.
by Hobbit JT November 18, 2007
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