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also known as a demon.
appx. $10 worth of weed, depening on how good the shit is.
yo, you know anyone who sells dime bags anymore?
by hobbit March 03, 2004
I'm guessing you're curious about why so many movies, tv shows, and games reference this aren't you?

Alpha Centauri is probably one of the most important star systems in the galaxy to us because it's the closest, only a mere 4.3 light years away.(yeah real close! lol) Another thing that makes this star system so important is it sports a G2 star which is basicly a sun just like our own except the one in the Alpha Centauri system is bigger. People refer to this star as Alpha Centauri A, she has a little brother named Alpha Centauri B which is a K1 type star and they have one other sibling named Proxima Centauri which is just a red dwarf many say. It's because of this systems G2 type star many believe there may be planets that have oceans and other life producing elements. It's because of this that alot of scifi writers will always want to reference this star system so their work will have a small basis of truth and possibility to it.
"Damn, where the hell do you think these little big-headed grey dudes keep coming from?"

"It's obvious they are coming from somewhere close, probably Alpha Centauri."
by Hobbit May 13, 2004
short version of "did you bang her?"
"dude i met this awesome chick last night"

by hobbit May 26, 2004
A group of insane people who enjoy message board communities, Swiss Cake Rolls, going to cafe's, LotR, Pirates, and Rufus the chicken.

"Undefineable"- Captain Squishy Sparrow Elf chick, founding member of the group
The Prospectuses are coming!!
by Hobbit August 10, 2003
a werd derived from "art". it has now turned into a language and a religion and is presently planning on world domination. talking ert includes using the "er" sound in every word.
sass: yer bern, wert erp? (yo ben, what up?")
ben: nerthin serse, her bert yer?(nothing sass, how bout you?)
by hobbit April 30, 2003
also known as a dime bag. of weed
yo man, can you get me a demon?
by hobbit March 03, 2004
my italian boss jerry,
he can't read or write neither can he count, but he works like crazy(like a wack) and forces all others to do the same for a hell of a less money.....
by hobbit June 18, 2004
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