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To hold a shit in for 24 hours after it originally wants to come out. The resulting pleasure from clenching your cheeks for a day before releasing makes it so much better.
Thompson really needed to do a poo poo but realised that if he megaplexed he would thank himself later
by Hman November 12, 2006
A God responsible for all the earth's weather and able to produce different type's of pasta from his loins.
"Its a nice day" said Batye
"Yes Lord Sqweeto has blessed us with a wonderful day" replied Thompson

"This pasta taste's quite loiny, i wonder if it was produced by Lord Sqweeto"
by Hman February 17, 2009
An ailment that causes a man to start growing a moistie where their balls used to be. Causes include fear of losing to a superior competitor and fear of the pussy whip.
Dane told his friends that he could not come out tonight because he had to do his washing. At this point there was two loud pops and a sudden rush of moistness in his underderps. He had indeed come down with the dreaded Vaginitis Battyee Disease.
by Hman April 18, 2008

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