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V. To envelope one's head in the vagina of a woman.

N. The woman this is done to.

N. The act of.
I pulled a space helmet on my dog.
by Hizzo February 26, 2005
A way of killing oneself with two guns.
Both guns are put either at the top and bottom of one's head or the left and right.
If the bullets collide, it is a for sure death.
Does not assure 100% death, as the bullets travel through similar parts of the brain.
Please pull a 180, no one wants you here, dumbass.
by Hizzo March 22, 2004
acronym for no shit
Joe - He's an idiot.
You - NS, I've known forever.
by hizzo May 31, 2003
The Anti-Crombies, which, by the way, are the f-cking coolest people alive.
<1>Dude, let's go hang out with TAC!
<2>How'd you know what I was thinking? Hell yeah, let's go!
by hizzo May 21, 2003
Indian - Generally American Indians...
The dumb ind isn't even an American citizen. YEAH WHY DON'T YOU OPEN A CASINO!
by Hizzo March 22, 2004
Man, fuck all those dumb ass sports where all they do is fight. That's fuckin retarded.
by hizzo May 31, 2003
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