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A (kickass) sport in which a flying disc is thrown from distances to a target which is a metal basket with chain link to grip the disc.
Let's go play some disc golf at the course.
by hizzo May 31, 2003
idiot, said by Ren from "Ren and Stimpy"
by hizzo May 31, 2003
Sorry, a mongol is someone from Mongolia while a mongoloid is someone with Down Syndrome
The Mongols swept the Eastern world.
by Hizzo February 27, 2004
Any man with crack-cocaine.
Dude, you are our ghetto jesus, you have filled our block with crack!
by Hizzo April 22, 2005
Liquid Nitrogen

Comes from the fact that L denotes liquid. Nitrogen is diatomic, thus forming N2 gas normally, but under extreme cold, it is a liquid. Has a boiling point around -180 degrees celsius.

Otherwise known as some fun stuff to play with.
I stuck my dick in the LN2 and when it froze, I karate chopped it and it shattered into about 50,000 pieces.
by Hizzo March 18, 2004
Actually, nanotechnology doesn't just involve minute engineering of electronic and "hard" goods.
Nanotechnology research also involves manipulating cells and such to fight cancer and other ailments.
Nanotechnology = big money in the future.
by Hizzo March 18, 2004
A funeral, the ceremony held for a dead person before burial or cremation.
My Grandpa died, time to have fun at a Box Party!
by Hizzo July 06, 2005

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