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1. boring Christian college in the middle of Pennsylvania (aka nowhere) where kids know in saying their college name that they will automatically get pitied and/or mad sympathy from other college friends of theirs that rock out every weekend (or even just ponder the idea of hanging out with the opposite sex on say...a THURSDAY?! wtf...) Parents love the idea, kids know if a college has a nickname for Jesus in the title, the college has to be a ball breaker.
(Someone's mom): "So Jimmy, what college are you going to?"
Jimmy: "Messiah College mam."
Mom: "Oh that's lovely, soo lovely. You'll have such a nice time and make lots of nice friends."

(Someone normal) "Todd": "Dude, where do you go?"
Jimmy: "Um...well...I go to school in PA."
Todd: "Where in Pennsylvania?"
Jimmy: "Um..you've probably never heard of it..."
Todd: "Come on, I'm sure I have."
Jimmy:"Well...Messiah College?"
Todd: "Damn..."
Jimmy: "Yeah."
Jimmy: "I know...."
by Hizzle Mizzle November 11, 2007

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