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3 definitions by Hiz-ouse

(v.) The act of deliberately calling a girl her sister's name when engaing in intercourse...and seeing how long you can hold on before she bucks you off
I rode the bull for 6 seconds before I got thrown off.
by Hiz-ouse December 12, 2003
(n). A disease-ridden vagina that belongs to a girl who lives in south Georgia
George caught the cootch rot from that skank from Claxton.
by Hiz-ouse December 12, 2003
To be unable to be away from the vagina of a significant other for longer than 15 minutes at a time
AKA P-whipped
She's got Kevin so pooned...it's sick.

He couldn't go on the fishing trip because he came down with a bad case of being pooned
by Hiz-ouse December 12, 2003