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2 definitions by Hiyousuck

Best T.V. show out there. Can be a little corny at times but it is not your usual dry, boring, no personality investigative show. I would advise everyone to invest some time in watching this show.
NCIS right out of interigation.
Tony - That's okay boss you will break her in round 2.
Gibbs - There won't be a round 2.
Tony - But boss you didn't break her!
Gibbs - Yeah I know Dinozzo, I was there.
by Hiyousuck February 06, 2009
America's greatest role model gone bad. Promotes the smokage of weed to all.
Wanna go practice for the next Olympic games? Nah man Michael Phelps won by somking da refer.
by Hiyousuck February 02, 2009