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the most epic band in the history of epicness.
hey did you go to the zeppelin concert featuring the resurrected bob marley?
Nah, i went to the Fat Soul concert.
by hitownghost September 18, 2007
Possibly the coolest name to ever represent a city and to represent a person. Hi-Town meaning Hilo, Ghost meaning a white guy who can fly. This is meaning that the person is from Hilo, Hawaii and can jump really freaking high.

The nickname of the guy who your girlfriend is probably talking to behind your back.

A Tagger representing either Hilo, Hauula, or Kapolei. Usually known for arrows and various color outlines.
Hell yeah, Hitownghost is so awesome. Its such an awesome name. I remember that being written on a wall at my high school!

Guy checking girlfiends email: "Who the hell is this 'Hitownghost'?
Girlfriend:"Um...he's just a friend from school." As she texts him under the table.

Yeah, it does look awesome. Hitownghost did it.
by Hitownghost May 31, 2007

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