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Anime Freak; Noun

Person interested or obsessed with anime and sometimes manga too.(not all people who like anime appreciate manga) Can be male or female. Some are unattractive as people have stated, others can be very beautiful. If you've ever been to or seen pictures/video footage you would find there are some very beautiful women who appreciate anime and/or manga, and usually look even better in cosplay. :) attractive guys too, but as I'm a guy and straight I'd prefer to talk about the girls. ;)

Most will call their friends who also like the stuff by their 'anime name' or use a honorific after their name, but with their other friends they'll talk normally as not to confuse them. AS for people saying they don't have regular friends, that's just usually teen angst lashing out. As for age groups, people from childhood to senior citizen like anime/manga for it has no age group. However some shows/books are written for a certain demographic via age, sex, and class(business-man etc.). Though, this is not a restriction on anyone to refrain from watching or reading them. Some also write fanfic, and some authors choose to end their stories the way they do for the soul purpose that people do.
anime freak 1: I just love how toonami and adult swim play some of my favorite mangs/animes! <3 It makes it easier then finding them on the net or buying them.

Anime freak 2: I know, I just wish they'd replay some of the other series' more over the other ones they always rerun. :(

Anime freak 1: I know but it's good news for people who just find out toonami's back on the air. :)

Anime freak 2: Yeah, you're right about that. I think for the convention next week I'm gonna dress up as Himura-kun, you?

Anime freak 1: Yoko Karama-san for me!:)))
by Hitokiri Gwagg February 05, 2013

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