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3 definitions by Hitlers_A_Jew

A misspeeling of a word when typing or texting

Its annoying when people point out your erorrs and correct you, because some times you don't focus on your grammar and punctuation like some fucking nerd or maybe you just didn't know how to speel the damn word.
Jack: "Hey where are yuo?"

Gill: "Don't you mean where are you?"

Jack: "Ugh, yes you fucking bitch it was a typo, I accidently switched two letters around do you have a probelm with that??"
by Hitlers_A_Jew November 15, 2009
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The largest coffee shop company in the world and their shops are practically everywhere.
Ronny: "Ay do u wanna get some coffee from Starbucks?"

Mick: "Aight theres in down the street"

by Hitlers_A_Jew April 19, 2009
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Short term to say yes sir or yes. It was popularized by Pharrell.
Guy 1: "Wanna get some grub?"

Guy 2: "Yezzer!!"

Guy 1: "Aight man lets go"
by Hitlers_A_Jew February 20, 2009
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