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4 definitions by Hitcher 1001

Can answer to absolutely anything.

If something good happens to you it's fair do's, if something bad happens to you it's fair do's

or if you havent listened to the question you were just asked, or the answer you just recieved, fair do's will make everything ok, enjoy XD
1st person: Hey dude i got an A in my business exam
2nd person: Wow how did you do that?
1st person: I revised, bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda blaaa
2nd person: ohhhhhh fair do's
by Hitcher 1001 May 07, 2008
A question asked amongst friends, when a seriously bumting girl is present. This question, asked discretely and randomly totally confuses the girl, allowing the friends to casually give their answers. Either "she de bumting" for yes, or "She no de bumting" for no

Classic way of deciding whether a girl is actually bumting
*girl walks in*
1st friend: "OO WAP DE BUMTING?"
2nd friend: "she de bumting =]"

by Hitcher 1001 May 06, 2008
like "How do" or hello

just makes saying "hello" less boring XD
*walks into room*
"Howdy Diddle Yall!!!"
by Hitcher 1001 August 31, 2008
used when in anger and you need to retalliate to something you don't care about
I couldn't give a soggy johnny about your new shoes, im watching the football!
by Hitcher 1001 July 12, 2008