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{v.}= an occurrence brought on by the heat of the moment when the male moves too haphazardly in attempting to slip his penis inside of the female's vagina but inadvertently misses, thus causing his penis to slide either onto her vulva or between her buttocks; inspired by a similar parallel in a game of billiards whereby the cue misses the cueball and hits the felt of the table, sometimes actually scratching the surface; may also be used as a general referrence to missing any orifice intended for sexual penetration
"Last night, I got so hot when I was with my girl that when I went to put it in her I had to have a do-over because I scratched."
by Historophy January 04, 2012
a fecal deposit that one leaves right before bequeathing a sleeping or sitting spot to an unsuspecting victim
That douche totally forced me to give up the couch, but I left a pillow mint just before I got up.
by Historophy December 11, 2011

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