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failure so pathetic it is inversely epic
person 1: "I The Warm Soap Suds Enema My Mother Gave Me When I Was a Boy"

person 2: "Unepic fail"
by hissil June 26, 2009
A drink made when you're stoned. A bag of instant chocalate mix added to a glass of cold milk and stirred.
Demon 1: Hey man fuck that flouridated shit drink your pasteurized cow hormones.
Demon 2: Whirly Whoosh!
by Hissil October 22, 2008
godly good fucking game

1. The most intense form of gg, it is more significant than gfg, used to express godly ownage or something really fucking awesome.
guy1: omfg 100 kills 0 deaths on u noob lmao
guy2: stfu
guy1: GGFG
by Hissil April 21, 2008

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