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The opposite of Deus Ex Machina. Translates to "the demon machine." Occurs in movies when a good guy is killed for no reason.
"Damn, Sam Jackson totally got the Everto Ex Machina in Deep Blue Sea."
by His_Name_Is_Zabo November 20, 2007
Mediocre bands, comics, singers, actors, etc, that are extremely famous because of their above average looks.

Fortunatly, Gravy Fame is almost always ends quickly. (Usually when a replacement poster-boy is found or they become old/ugly)
The entire Disney Channel, Dane Cook, shitload of rappers, J. Lo, etc, etc are all examples of Gravy Fame.
by His_Name_Is_Zabo July 10, 2008
What you get when you add vodka (or any alcohol) to an Otter Pop, usually less than half a shot is required.

Usually requires re-freezing and always tastes terrific.
I had 67 Slaughter Pops last night, I don't even remember 36 of them.
by His_Name_Is_Zabo July 10, 2008
The morning after a night of hard drinking when you're really horny.
"Shit, I only fucked Stacy because I had morn horn."
by His_Name_Is_Zabo November 20, 2007
Clicking 'Love It' (thumbs up) on a word you yourself added on Urban Dictionary.com

What I will take the liberty of doing when this word is added.
Cheap Love both raises and lowers self esteem.
by His_Name_Is_Zabo July 10, 2008
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