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2 definitions by HisGoldenEyesForever

A combination of the names Robert & Kristen ( Pattinson & Stewart )
Ow, I saw Robsten yesterday... on the set of NEW MOON ! :o
by HisGoldenEyesForever April 12, 2009
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We all know the gorgeous, dazzling, amazing, talented, awsome, cute, hottest, etc. actor Robert Pattinson.
Roberting means: thinking about Robert Pattinson or talking about him or searching Rob on the internet...

Bella: Lia, what are you doing?
Lia: Well Bells, I'm looking at Rob's pics...( sigh)
Bella: ahaaa... so you're Roberting, AGAIN !
by HisGoldenEyesForever April 13, 2009
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